Washington, DC Trip + New Acrylic Paintings

Enjoying the gallery art walk this past Friday evening in Fayetteville, NC.


Burritt Benson Art, Burritt Benson Acrylic Painting, Cornhole board artFinished painting my art on Todd’s cornhole game board. One more to go.


Burritt Benson Acrylic Painting, Burritt Benson Abstract Painting, Modern Art, Contemporary Modern Art Painting“Tiger”, 48″ x 48″ Acrylic painting on museum wrap canvas, 2010.
(Ordering lights for camera this week!!)


Washington, DC Trip:

I had an awesome time in Washington this past week despite the hot arse weather and soar feet!! I got to check out a ton of art in several art museums. When I toured the White House I was pushing my father in his wheelchair and when it was time to head upstairs a security guard took us a back way to an elevator. I got to meet Obama’s White House Chef, a very nice lady. Her and her staff were baking away and the smell was mouth drooling good!!! We went through several rooms, place was busy, guess they were dealing with the general crap. The security guard was really cool and we had a great conversation with a nice little behind the scenes look.

Back to the art stuff. I mean, like Wow!! I got to study so many great works of art by artists Paul Gauguin, Paul Cezanne, AD Reinhardt, Hans Hofmann, Robert Motherwell, Francis Bacon, Jean DuBuffet, Arthur Dove, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt, Andre Derain, Georges Braque, Roy Lichtenstein, Bradley Walker Tomlin, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, Norman Lewis, Jasper Johns, Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, Goya and a ton of others!! It was awesome! I could not wait to get back home and get back to painting. I think the painting “Tiger” pictured above reflects this fact.

Nothing like viewing an artwork in person, nope, nothing like it. Washington, DC is great if you wanna checkout some great artworks! Worth the time and effort!