New Painting & Artist Update



Above is a new 56″h x 80″w acrylic painting on unstretched canvas, “Untitled”. The iridescent gold paint I used in this painting really makes it sparkle quite nicely. This painting happened after a heartfelt prayer at Waffle House. I just simply seized the moment while painting it.

About my website:  I’m in the process of revising my website, so if things look a little different around here that is why. I’ve gotten pretty flustered dealing with the tech folks, but it’s totally due to my lack of knowledge on what I’m doing. When I mess something up, I really mess it up too. Thankfully, one of the tech guru’s went above the call of duty and helped me out. I was even calling him by the wrong name too, but thankfully I finally got it right and apologized. One thing is for sure, I will never forget his help or his name for as long as I shall live, for hence forth, he is known by me as Richard the Great!!

I’ve still got a long ways to go with regards to getting my website and social media stuff set up the way I want. I will tackle it as I can and just try to do my best.

Art Studio Report:  Things are going really well in my studio at the moment painting-wise. I’m currently finishing up a commissioned painting, a Christmas present for a special someone by her husband. I have several other paintings rapidly coming to an end as well. I really want to start posting my drawings and paintings on here and elsewhere as I complete them. So, I’ll be working on that shortly.

Invitation:  I invite you to visit my art studio page on Facebook titled “Burritt Benson’s Art Studio Page“. Comments welcomed there and I’m pretty quick on responding back. If you have not liked the page yet, please do so! I could really use your help getting my art out there.  Thank you very much!!!