Harambe’s Ghost

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I finished this 36″h x 48″w acrylic painting yesterday. Early on while painting this one up I noticed a gorilla taking shape bottom right. What’s been all over the news lately? Yep, Harambe getting shot at the Cincinnati Zoo. Real shame, but the right call me thinks. Definitely wouldn’t like seeing the kid’s arm or leg ripped off his body, or the kid getting killed. Seems like they’d make those areas kid proof knowing kids can be adventurous in the blink of an eye, right?? I’m sure all these cute animal movies that have come out over the years wouldn’t make a kid think dangerous animals are really nice and fuzzy and most definitely want to be their friend. I like my wife’s cat and I’m pretty sure Muffin likes me, but if Muffin all of a sudden grew big, I know she’d eat me in a second. I really don’t have room to talk here because I’ve always wanted a raccoon and a grizzly bear cub to raise up ever since watching that Grizzly Adams TV show when I was a youngling. Trust me, if I could have a grizzly bear as a member of my family, he’d be hanging out with me in my studio right now!! Unfortunately, there’s some city and state laws preventing that from happening. Arggghhhhhh!!

I apologize once again for not posting lately. I’m back part time at my father’s company on special assignment and painting like crazy when I’m not there. I will be announcing another Solo Art Show right here in my hometown of Lumberton, North Carolina soon! I’m really excited about this one and I’m painting up a crowd of new paintings for it too. Plus, some more pottery artworks! More info shortly! Until next time then, take care!!