“Your Move” New Acrylic Painting

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“Your Move”
60″h x 72″w x 2.5″d
Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Artist Update: 07/05/2017
Finished the above painting titled “Your Move” yesterday evening. Entered it into a juried show today, which just happened to be the last day for submissions of course. The month of June was pretty tough for my household. Sadly, my wife’s mother passed away. Lib will be dearly missed and the world has lost one of the greatest southern cooks of all time. I mean, there was not an inch on the table that did not have food on it when Lib cooked!! I’m talking multiple deserts too!! I remember the first time my wife, Sara, took me to her mom’s to eat, I was like, “Hell yeah, I’ve hit the jack pot!!” Sara can cook, but not like Lib! In case my wife is reading this, I love you sweetie!! You are awesome!!

I’ll be finishing up some more new paintings shortly. I’m still working hard on my billboard project as well. Hope you like the above painting. Back to painting I go! Until next time, take care!! Later later!!