New Acrylic Painting & Artist Update

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30″h x 24″w
Acrylic painting on canvas


Artist Update: 11/08/17
The past 3 months have been pretty tough. Started with the passing of a dear friend & 2nd father, and it’s just kept escalating from there it sure seems like.

I pretty much stay in my studio and paint every opportunity I’m given to do so. I jammed out for 2 weeks to just Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers while I painted. Surprisingly, I never got tired of listening to one song.

Fortunately, the paintings are coming along great. I’m really excited about every one of them at the moment. I’m asking myself a lot of questions as I paint now and that’s really helping me figure things out.

I finished the above painting yesterday. I’ve yet to title it, but it’s part of a series related to Daniel 6 that I’m currently painting on. More on that shortly.

I just wanted to do a quick post and say I’m alive and still busy painting. I also apologize, yet again, for not posting on my social media like I should or could be. I’ll hopefully get my act together soon enough. I’m finally getting around this week to cleaning out my studio and making room for my billboard project. God willing, it’s about to get crazy busy around here. Until next time, take care!!