Artist Update & Some Doodles

Burritt Benson Art Studio photo

( What I’m painting on at moment. )


Artist Update:  02/05/2018

I took the month of November and the better part of December off from painting to clean up my art studio & storage rooms. I went through all of my artworks and got them sorted – pen & inks, paintings on canvas & paper, everything!! I’m now back painting on all 4 walls in my studio and it’s pretty darn great!! My to do list is overflowing of course, but I’m marking things off of it at a steady pace. Got a lot happening and will do my best to keep everyone in the know. I’ve been able to paint all through January and I’m going to keep hard at it for a spell. I’ve asked my wife, Sara, to keep on me about getting things marked off my list. I might of had a slight dummy attack, she’s relentless!! Knows me to a tee she does!!

Got some very happy news the other week I’ll go ahead and share with you. Mark this on your phone calendars – May 24th, 2019, Wilmington, North Carolina, Wilmington Arts Council’s Fourth Friday Art Walk. I’ll be exhibiting at Century 21 Sweyer & Associates’s office gallery downtown Wilmington for a month, they are part of the Fourth Friday Gallery tour. The Orange Street Artfest will also be happening that weekend I believe. If you like art, this would be a great weekend to enjoy taking it in. Big shout of thanks to Century 21 Sweyer & Associates for the opportunity!

Downloaded about 21 Avett Brothers songs off iTunes after church yesterday and got busy painting until it was time to go to my neighbor’s Super Bowl party. Took my drawing stuff to the party and cranked out a couple of doodles while I was there. See below.


sharpie doodle, beb, burritt benson doodle



sharpie doodle, beb, burritt benson doodle



sharpie doodle, beb, burritt benson doodle


Went to post this post today and had some website issues that need resolving. I have added it to my list. Time now to crank up the Avett Brothers and get some painting done! Wishing you the best! Thank you very much for visiting!! Feel free to drop me any feedback via my contact page or my social media links. Later later!