Burritt Benson, Bucky Benson, Burritt Benson self-portrait

About Artist:

My name is Burritt Benson III, better known to most folks as Bucky. I’m a self-taught artist residing in Lumberton, North Carolina. I paint out of my wonderful home art studio lair, a walled-in two-car garage with no windows. I also love to paint outside when the weather is cooperative. Just follow the music. And you’ll find me.

My mom will tell you I was drawing from the moment I could grip a pencil. That love for drawing continued throughout my school days and right into adulthood. I remember getting called out of class to go draw and paint on other teacher’s bulletin boards quite often. Mr. Jacobs’s art class in high school was my favorite. I had him twice a day my senior year after getting booted from my calculus class for being a constant nincompoop. I do feel horrible about my behavior now. Especially since a lot of my friends and neighbors are teachers and I usually get to hear all the good, the bad, and the ugly when we get together. 

My artist aspirations were pretty much put on hold and nearly killed off my first semester of college due to reasons I’m told I best not mention here or anywhere for that matter. I lived on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina during my college days and that had a lot to do with it taking six years for me to graduate. I would have loved to have taken longer but I received a call from my dad that my funding was expiring very soon. Fortunately, I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 1992 with a B.S. in Marketing. At the time, I was dating my hot future wife, Sara. A big shout of thanks to that year’s Chi Phi Chicken Pickin for the introduction! We tied the knot in 1993.

Upon graduating college, I moved back to Lumberton and spent the next twelve years working in my father’s successful construction company. In October 2004, while serving as President of the company, I stepped down with both my father’s and family’s blessing to pursue my art career.

It has been a fascinating journey full of learning, painting and creating art all along the way. I’ve met the most fascinating artists and other people that have given me nothing but great encouragement, helpful knowledge and instruction, and wonderful friendships. My thankfulness is heartfelt for all of them. Some are no longer with us, but not forgotten, just terribly missed.

Lately, all four walls in my art studio have canvasses on them getting a lot of paint and dedicated attention. I’m moving paint, exploring and experimenting on them daily. Starting out, I love to paint in the moment, with spontaneous bursts of line and color that then grow and develop into a wondrous and beautiful artwork. It’s easy for me to get lost in my paintings with detailed colorful patterns, organic shapes and even cartoonish figures. Influences from my life and family, my faith in God, history and whatever is happening at the moment in our world tend to make it into my paintings in most cases. Whether young or old, my hope is that viewers will see beauty and wonder in my paintings that excites their imaginations while at the same time brings them some joy.

I recently became a mentee to the phenomenal artist (as well as my good friend,) Tarleton Blackwell. Tarleton’s paintings are beautiful, amazing, powerful, and never fail to get my imagination firing on all cylinders. His use of color is both fascinating and exciting for me to look at, over and over and over again. I took his oil painting class the last semester he taught at UNCP many years ago. I got to see first-hand how he attacks a canvas with ease. I always loved it when he’d walk by and take my brush, do a little mixing of colors on my palette and then instantly improve whatever I was painting without fail. More on this adventure soon.

Lastly, I’m also back working on my billboard project and painting up some new artworks for my show at the Fuquay-Varina Art Center in May & June 2021. I invite you to follow me on my Burritt Benson’s Art Studio Page on Facebook. ( Click on “Burritt Benson’s Art Studio Page” and you’re taken to it.) That’s where I frequently post the most about what’s happening art-wise. Thank you!!!



Artist Statement:

Burritt “Bucky” Benson’s art defies easy description. Even so, his paintings and drawings provide the viewer the opportunity to explore the blurry border between the organic and the inorganic, with the epics of childhood and songs of adulthood intermixed, accompanied by species both imagined and real. Through Bucky’s art the viewer can experience both the beautiful and the harrowing simultaneously, along with the constant cycles of growth and decay. Benson’s impulsive creativity process examines, synthesizes, and creates his nonverbal response to the complex experience of working in the moment, while hinting at a narrative, but remaining intentionally ambiguous most of the time. The Benson cosmos folds and unfolds for the viewer with unending and original creative force and bold inventiveness of intent sparking the imaginations of both the young and old alike.